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Clinical Services

Currently serving eight hospitals in California

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About Meridian Medical

We have expertise in assisting in hospital based practices.  From Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Hospitalists and others. We currently have over 80 Health Professionals, including over 40 MD’s and 45 CRNA’s in our groups.

Clinical Services

We currently serve eight hospitals in California. We provide unique, very high quality professional clinical services utilizing the most efficient methods possible. We focus on value, and ensure that our patients are always happy.

Employment Opportunities

Meridian Medical Solutions provides career opportunities for top providers in every specialty, ensuring quality and excellence in patient care. With several locations to choose from, we give you the freedom to choose how you practice.

About Meridian Medical Solutions (MMS)

Meridian Medical Solution staff are transition experts.  Our committed staff assist Hospital Leadership during transition of hospital based services and introduction of new services.  This has ranged from placing a physician on site from the time announcement is made with regard to switching service providers until implementation of new group providers are in place to placing an administrative professional on site to monitor and facilitate new policies and procedures that are implemented with regard to new group practices.

Anesthesia departments that consistently deliver quality
anesthesia help create a sustainable Operating Room.

This is what surgeons are seeking and what a hospital needs
in order to grow Operating Room volume and revenue.

  • Hospital Based Practices

    MMS has a team of leaders that thoroughly understand the needs of the hospital based provider. Our years of working on the administrative side of healthcare gives us the unique perspective to assist hospital administration with anesthesia, critical care, emergency medicine, hospitalists, and affiliated/non-affiliated urgent care centers.

  • Best-in-Class Clinicians

    MMS employs top providers from every specialty. We focus on Patient Safety, Efficiency, Compliance, Cost Control, and ensure that our patients and hospitals are always more than satisfied.

  • Consulting

    MMS provides consultative services to healthcare facilities. Our experts examine and make thoughtful recommendations to resolve a range of operational and clinical issues.

  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers

    Anesthesia reimbursement for non-invasive procedures such as endoscopy, ophthalmology and routine pain management cases is coming under increasing pressure.

Anesthesia Groups

While there are many anesthesia groups that provide professional services,
there are very few that have the desire to grow and become partners with the facility and work as a team.

Valley Anesthesia

Paramount Anesthesia

Comfort Anesthesia

Trauma Care Anesthesia

Employment Opportunities

Working with Meridian Medical Solutions is a great step in your career.

  • Freedom to choose how you practice
  • The intelligent way to start a career
  • Several locations to choose from

What others say about us

Valley Anesthesia is always willing to work closely with hospital management and the medical staff to improve clinical performance and efficiency

San Joaquin Community Hospital

Our anesthesia providers participate in medical staff affairs and are very collaborative with the surgeons and hospital staff in both our hospital and surgery center.

San Joaquin Community Hospital